Investment & Growth

The Investment and Growth Committee assists in creating a business environment that is conducive to sustainable economic growth and development in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Chamber’s Investment and Growth Committee works to create and advocate policies that would allow for improvements to be made to Saskatchewan’s business environment. Specifically the committee focuses on issues related to infrastructure improvement, policies for foreign investment in the province, opportunities in all provincial resource sectors and energy sustainability.

2015 - 2016 Committee Members

Natashia Stinka, Chair
Thomas Benjoe
FHQ Developments
Gord Gillespie
West Wind Group of Companies
Nevon Faucher
Royal Bank of Canada

Saqib Khan
University of Regina
Darla Lindbjerg
Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce
Jim Thiessen
Cumberland Regional College
Jeremy Welter
Agricultural Producers Association of Sask
Abe Toews
Beyond Wealth Management
Grant McKercher
Dezarae Senft
Miller Thomson LLP
Rhonda Ekstrom
Global Transportation Hub