Monica Kreuger


MonicaWMonica is the Founder/CEO of Global Infobrokers Inc., Home of the Praxis Group of Schools.

Global Infobrokers Inc. is a firm dedicated to education, entrepreneurship, the environment and global citizenry and all within a socially responsible framework. She and her husband/business partner Brent, and a team of entrepreneurs, have helped over 750 entrepreneurs launch their companies in Saskatchewan and Alberta through the Praxis School of Entrepreneurship. In 2010 they opened a representative office in China where they serve entrepreneurs who wish to establish operations in Saskatchewan.

She spearheaded Saskatchewan’s first investment based business plan competition, Venture Forward $100K Business Plan Competition, a province wide initiative to help post-secondary youth launch companies. In the 5 years it ran, over 30 companies were launched. She also co-founded Praxis International Institute in the Craik eco-village, a private alternative high school dedicated to entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, technology and global citizenry. 

Monica has been involved in the community through her volunteer board positions with several organizations. Proud mother, grandmother and married to her life and business partner for almost 38 years, Monica continues to follow her passion of helping people pursue theirs through entrepreneurship.