Principles  Values  Themes

Fundamental Principles of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce:

  • Primacy of the person: Individual rights are fundamental, recognizing that every person is worthy of the common rights inherent in all by virtue of his or her humanity
  • Open markets and free enterprise: Serve as the economic expression of individual freedom, and as the most effective way to reconcile competing claims on resources and ensuring their most efficient use. The Chamber supports the free exchange of goods and services in open markets and the right to associate and make contracts to advance the exchange.
  • Equal rights: Equality before the law, and the rights to private property, free association, contract and free speech. The Chamber recognizes that economic freedom is the essential practical underpinning for the exercise of most other freedoms, and critical to business.
  • Use of public authority: Public functions exist to serve and enable, but not to direct or shape personal affairs. Laws and regulations should be enacted only when a genuine market failure can be demonstrated, and other reasonable remedies have been considered. These functions should be limited to those that can pass two tests: the service is impractical to produce privately, and, the service meets demonstrated public demand.
  • Scope of government: If a thing is not necessary to do by public means, it is incumbent on public authority to restrain itself so as to preserve the greatest possible scope for personal choice.
  • Taxes: The role of taxation is to pay for the cost of public goods and essential purposes of government. Taxes should be levied at the lowest possible rates on the broadest possible bases so as to minimize distortions of behavior.
Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Values:

  • Accountability: The interests of democracy and transparency necessitate that public affairs be conducted openly, with those in authority assuming responsibility for conduct.
  • Creativity: Individual growth and adding of value thrives in an environment focused on opportunity rather than outcome. Individuals should be allowed wide latitude to experiment and succeed or fail on merit and circumstances, in business and in other sectors, with minimal social cost.
  • Market choice: Markets permit individuals to make choices according to their own values, priorities and means, and as such, represent the widest expression of economic democracy. The Chamber prefers that the widest range of choices be made freely in markets, and the number of decisions made by majority imposition on a minority, be limited.
  • Private delivery of public goods: Recognizing the inherent overhead and limitations of public management, the Chamber endorses engagement of private sector providers in delivering public goods.
Key Strategic Themes 2015 - 2018:

  • Labour Market Sustainability including Workers’ Compensation Board, K-12, Entrepreneurs, Skills Training, Labour Market Intelligence and Immigration
  • Financial: Verify, strengthen and promote the current value proposition
  • Demonstrate Leadership on GHG Emissions and Green Technology
  • Enhance Indigenous Engagement
  • Representative Membership
  • Strengthen the Chamber Network in Saskatchewan
  • Events Excellence
  • Research Leadership