The Water Council for Saskatchewan

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The Water Council for Saskatchewan has been formed to continually improve the governance around water resources in Saskatchewan, resulting in a more comprehensive, strategic, and collaborative system. The need for an inclusive water management system that is science based, and sustainable, is evident and the Water Council of Saskatchewan aims to provide policies to create this system for Saskatchewan's water resources.

The goals for the Water Council for Saskatchewan include:
- Supporting the implementation of the SWSA 25 Year Water Security Plan
- Policy development that utilizes the outcomes-based environmental model
- Creating opportunities for Saskatchewan to become a world class jurisdiction for the management of water resources
- Developing the innovative, non-government sectors around water in Saskatchewan, such as economic development through value-added agriculture (food processing)
- Providing a forum for input on water management to assigned government departments and regulatory agencies

An overview and the mandate of the Water Council for Saskatchewan (WCS) can be found here.